Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When are tryouts for the Edison Cheer & Song program?

Tryouts are in April, usually right before or right after Spring Break. Song Tryouts will be one week before Cheer Tryouts. Tryouts usually run for a 3-day period (two clinics and the actual tryout in front of outside judges).

  1. Can incoming freshmen tryout?

Yes. All students who will attend Edison in the following school year are welcome to tryout. We expect dance and or tumbling and stunting experience from candidates.

  1. How much does the program cost?

All participants are asked to donate and raise a total amount of approximately $3600 for the entire year. This amount includes uniform, coaches’ pay, competition fees, gym/studio rental, competition fees, and other necessities.  Out of state travel to Nationals in Florida are an additional $1400-$1500

  1. Does the program fundraise?

All fundraising supports the program as a whole and there are fundraisers that benefit the individual cheer accounts. Every member works hard to earn as much as possible so that we can send our teams to National competitions outside of California and so that our program can thrive.

  1. What is the difference between Cheer and Song?

Cheerleaders not only need to be able to lead cheers but they also need to be able to stunt, tumble and dance; Songleaders join cheerleaders with cheers but they focus on higher level dance technique which incorporate ballet, jazz and hip-hop. Both Cheerleaders and Songleaders promote school spirit on campus and at games. Both teams compete at the National level. 

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